för att stanna


...trivsam hamnstad

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Var rädd om dina länkar. Länkar är som individer. De behöver vård och omsorg.



för att stanna


Text kommer senare!


Text kommer inom kort på denna spännande site om Sverige och Nynäshamn.

Allt tar sin tid.

När kommer texten?

Inom kort!

Texten kommer i huvudsak att handla om trafik och planering då som nu.


Unlike the first version of the andreas07 template, v2.0 a little bit more generic since it is no longer made for one special education. But the template is still perfectly suitable for web design studies if wanted. Here are the priorities I've had in mind for the updated version:

and a few notes:

This is a free website template. It can be used in any way wanted by anyone, and there are no limitations or obligations for using this template. Commercial use is perfectly OK, credits are appreciated but not a requirement. Donations are welcome and encouraged if credits are removed.

The example image shows a violet flower, and it was made by myself using one of my own photos. You have my full permission to use the image in any way you want to. However, I recommend that you replace it with something of your own. Custom header image design services are available, as are custom XHTML/CSS design services. Contact me for more information.

Välkommen till Nynäshamn!


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